Trofie Pasta with Crunchy Zucchini and Bacon

Trofie matches perfectly with green pesto. However, not everyone knows that it is also fabulous with a different kind of sauce!

I wanted something fresh and super easy to cook for today, I used zucchini and bacon to make a pasta sauce that tastes delicious both warm and cold. The result is a velvety and crunchy dish. Bacon is a wonderful aftertaste to zucchini, making the sauce absolutely flavourful.

You can toss your Trofie with different ingredients.  I also suggest adding yellow and red peppers to this dish or even chicory or squash.

You should definitely try this pasta dish:

Trofie Pasta with Crunchy Zucchini and Bacon

Ingredients for 3-4 people:

  • 300g of Trofie
  • 650g Zucchini
  • 100g Diced Bacon
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • Salt and pepper, as needed


Dice 550g of zucchini.

Dice part of the zucchini

In a pan, brown the garlic clove and then add 50g of diced bacon. Since the bacon has enough fat, you don’t need to add any kind of oil.

Brown part of the bacon


In the meanwhile, add water and salt to a pot and then bring it to boil, this will be for the pasta.

Let fry the bacon until brown and then add the zucchini cubes.

Add the zucchini

Add 50g of the boiling water. Let’s cook per 15 minutes on a medium-high heat.

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Cook for 15 minutes


After the zucchini and bacon are cooked, blend them and create a soft sauce. If needed, add salt and pepper. Place the sauce in a pan with no heat.

the hookup

Create a soft sauce

Cut the remaining 100g of zucchini into half-round slices.

Cut 100g of zucchini in half-round slices

Fry them with the bacon for few minutes on a high heat, they should remain crunchy. Put the trofie in the boiling water and cook the pasta.

Crunchy courgette and bacon

Drain the trofie and combine it with the zucchini and bacon sauce directly in the pan. Fry all together for few minutes to warm up the sauce.

Toss trofie with the sauce

Remove the pasta from the heat and put it in a bowl. Add the crunchy zucchini and bacon and stir all together.

Stir all together

All done! Serve warm and enjoy… BUON APPETITO!

Buon Appetito!



  • Deirdre

    Reply Reply

    Hi Franco,

    I use all of your recipes all the time and love them all. What a lot of all!
    Please can you think of giving a nice recipe for making bread…..prefereably loaf size, crust and ‘open’ texture…
    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Ciao, Deirdre

    • Irene

      Reply Reply

      Dear Deirdre,

      thanks for your lovely words!! I’m delighted to hear that you appreciate our recipes!

      Concerning the loaf bread that you mentioned, you can find a great recipe here: ! Try it, it is a faboulous Veggie and Ham Soft Loaf!

      If you are keen to try something more original try also my Pesto Bread Rose Cake, you can find the link here:

      I will post new bread recipes in September, so stay tuned!

      Thanks a million for your comment again, it is a great contribution for us! Have a great day, and talk soon!

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