White Asparagus, Ham and Bozner Sauce: a recipe from the North of Italy

Last week I went in the most northern part of Italy, to visit my relatives. In this season, there you can find a seasonal jewel: the White Asparagus.

White asparagus are renowned and quite expensive for their high quality. Their characteristic is the lack of colour since they grow under the ground and therefore without natural light. For this reason, the chloropyllian photosynthesis cannot take place and they appear completely white. Also, the taste is influenced by this process, which is more delicate and gentle.

White asparagus can be served in a wide variety of ways, but the most typical one is with ham and a delicious sauce, based on yolk and herbs. I gave a special touch to the sauce, using the White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”, instead of lemon juice, as the traditional recipe recommends.. the result was incredible! The proper name of this sauce is “Bozner Sauce”, since it comes from the city of Bozen. It is delicious also with the more easier to find green asparagus!

The name Prelibato translates to delicious and this exquisite white balsamic is certainly that and more! Prelibato- the white balsamic condiment of Acetaia Malpighi uses the best part of the Trebbiano Modenese grape. The clear white juice obtained from a soft, slow crushing is firstly filtered, then centrifuged to achieve the perfect density without any cooking. Prelibato is aged for five years in ash barrels; chosen for their delicate aroma and clear colour that the wood imparts.

So what are you waiting for? Try my:


White Asparagus, Ham and Bozner Sauce


Ingredients for 2 persons:

      • 200gr of White Asparagus (or Green if you cannot find the white ones)
      • 200gr Herbs-scented Ham
      • 2 Eggs
      • 1 Spring Onion
      • Chive
      • Parsley
      • Capers
      • Pickles
      • 1 ts of Mustard
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”
      • White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”


Clean and peel the white asparagus.

  • Clean and peel the asparagus

      Clean and peel the asparagus

Bring a pot full of water to the boil and cook the White asparagus for 10-12 minutes. Just try with a fork if they are ready.

Boil the eggs and peel them. Divide the yolks from the white part.

  • Divide the boiled eggs into yolks and whites

    Divide the boiled eggs into yolks and whites

Sift the yolks, obtaining a sort of yolk crumbles.

  • Sift the yolks

    Sift the yolks

Obtaining yolk crumbles

Obtaining yolk crumbles

Mince chive and parley, and chop the white part of the boiled eggs capers, 1 pickle, and spring onion.

  • Finely chop and mince the other ingredients

Mix the yolks crumble with white egg tiny cubes, and finely chopped chive, parsley, pickle and capers. Add slowly Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero” and White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”, to obtain a soft texture.

Mix all together

Mix all together

There is not a perfect recipe, so just taste from time to time to find your perfect flavour balance!

Find your balance

Find your balance

Serve with the white asparagus and ham…

Serve with the white asparagus and ham

    • All done! You will be amazed: the taste is so fresh and delicious!

Enjoy and… Buon Appetito!

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