cucumber salad cialedda

Cucumber Salad or Cialledda from Puglia


Cucumber Salad or Cialledda from Puglia

Cialledda is a very simple cucumber salad, which is traditional in Puglia. It’s also called acquasale. It’s one you can enjoy all Summer long, and can be enjoyed for lunch, a picky style dinner, or as a side. Keep reading to find out how to make it.

This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Ingredients for your cucumber salad (1 large portion or 2 side portions)
half a large onion
12 cherry tomatoes
1 medium cucumber
salt and pepper
dry or fresh oregano
fresh basil (you can also use frozen basil)
Belmorso Tarallini traditional (or fennel tarallini)
Belmorso extra virgin olive oil

extra virgin olive oil Ireland

cucumber salad cucumber salad

Peel and wash your onion. Cut it into half and cut one half into thin slices.

Next, wash your cherry tomatoes and cut them into half.


Set aside the onion and cherry tomatoes, and wash your cucumber. You can peel it if you prefer. I left the skin on. Cut it into thin slices and you can do like me – cut them into different shapes. I cut one third into thin round slices, one third into semicircles, and the other one third into triangles. Otherwise, feel free to cut them as you prefer.

cialedda cialedda

At this point you have to options: put together the cucumber salad in a way so it looks very pleasing to the eye, or just make a normal salad.

If you choose option one you’ll have to assemble your cucumber salad directly onto your serving plate, and layer every piece. You can watch me do this in an Instagram reel @tastewithgusto.

For option 2, simply put the cut tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion into a bowl.

cucumber salad

Next, season with salt and pepper. Add the dry oregano.

Add the chopped basil leaves.

Add the crumbled tarallini.

Finish with a generous drizzle of Belmorso extra virgin olive oil.

cucumber salad

Serve your cumber salad with extra Belmorso tarallini on the side, or a few slices of rustic bread.

Buon appetito.


You can enjoy it with some crusty bread, mixed hams and cheeses if you are after a light and quick dinner. It also makes a great side dish for meats, fish, and chicken.

If you want to try other Italian salad recipes, you should give our Caprese salad a go. You might also like this simple side salad with a classic Italian balsamic dressing.

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